Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How to request a pickup?

You can schedule a pick up through our Web & Mobile Application. Start by typing your information on “Pick up Request” page and proceed to schedule a pickup. We will contact you shortly.

2. Do you operate in my city?

We are currently operational in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. We will expand it to other regions as fast as we can. We have plans to operate in other cities soon.

3. Any identification to recognize your pickup boy?

Yes, you may ask him to show his credentials (Identity card). Our Pickup boy will be in proper dress code.

4. Which items you do not accept?

We take almost every item that comes under solid dry and recyclable category. Some items, however are not recyclable, thus are not accepted by us. Following is a partial list of items that we do not accept: Broken glass, tube lights, bulbs, CFL Lamps and any other solids containing hazardous or toxic material etc.

5. Are there any refunds / returns?

There is no return or refund of items once picked up by us.

6. What happens to the items that I have sold?

All the items collected by us undergo recycling process. Thus, it benefits everyone you, us and of course the environment.

7. What is E-Waste?

We accept old electrical and electronic items. These include personal computers, laptops, mouse, key boards, mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, copiers, printers, washing machines, dryers, cables & wires, microphones, refrigerators, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, inverters, televisions, VCR/DVD/CD players, CD’s , music systems, radios, drills, electric saws, sewing machines, lawn mowers, electronic toys and vehicle batteries etc.

8. May I join this Cause?

Yes, you may join this social cause, for that please contact us so we can look into this.

9. Which weighing scale you use?

We use Electronic/Digital weighing scale. We weigh your items in front of you and will pay you

10. What are the business opportunities?

We have different opportunities available at this stage. You can join as us a Seller, Vendor, Sponsor, Investor and Advertiser.

11. Can I register my society?

Yes, you can register your society/market and we will provide you with the services accordingly. Please register your society, earn money and save the world.